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Posted by 2017-09-12

It is veary relaxing, and, addicting! I love the concept. The butterflys are so cute!

Posted by 2017-09-12

After receiving no help from customer support about server issues I uninstalled this game, but after hours of searching for any game like this I came up empty handed so as long as this game doesn't delete any of my progress when they have their "server issues" I will deal with it

Posted by Melanie Wright 2017-09-12

Love it but can't watch videos keeps kicking me off

Posted by PREM PRAKASH 2017-09-12

Love it....

Posted by Jenna:3 2017-09-11

I tried getting in on my samsung galaxy s4 and it won't allow it used to work and i love the app plz fix this

Posted by akhila n 2017-09-11

Just love this game...

Posted by Jay Fairweather 2017-09-10

Very simple, tranquil, no dedication required and a genuine joy to open from time to time, read up on the creatures and listen to the sounds. Theraputic.

Posted by Vinnie Council 2017-09-10

Very relaxing ambience. Love this game.

Posted by Chloe Peterson 2017-09-10

It keeps me calm.

Posted by Kate Flack 2017-09-09

Love it!

Posted by Hsrish Yogi 2017-09-09

No words to say

Posted by Arsya Qiquega 2017-09-09

I want to expand my forest, but It can't expand anymore

Posted by Em Harrison 2017-09-09

I think it's lovely. Nice and soothing to take a few minutes time out with. This and the splash one are the only games on my phone.

Posted by Tina Wood 2017-09-09

Love it

Posted by Kelly Wu 2017-09-09

Please fix the graphical bug where the buterflies become broken and the game crashes when it finishes loading; it turns black and then kicks me back to my home screen

Posted by Peggy SC Tan 2017-09-09

Really like the graphics and information.

Posted by krishnakumar cadambi 2017-09-09


Posted by Louisa Sopiandi 2017-09-09

Very relaxing and it makes time pass way quicker than it should

Posted by 2017-09-08

It is a venderful game I like it very much

Posted by zhacheli Santiago 2017-09-08

It's a very beautiful game and very relaxing the only thing I don't like it's that the honeydew doesn't keep collecting when your not in the game but it's very nice

Posted by 2017-09-08

Next time please add LVL and Exp. Game features are unlocked by level. E.g. Level 3: ability to store butterflies, lvl.7: events, etc. Areas are also expanded by level, but skip with Honeydew. Flowers are upgraded with in game coins.

Posted by Jonathan Sopiandi 2017-09-08

I loved this game

Posted by Catie McLeish 2017-09-08

Don't waste your data

Posted by Emily Henderson 2017-09-08

This game is perfect for coming home and relaxing. The ambiance, cute little sounds and beautiful graphics are so calming. Love it, love it, love it.

Posted by Manav Arora 2017-09-08

This is a cute and learning game

Posted by Ansaf Nihal 2017-09-08

Potta game

Posted by Rosemary Lovejoy 2017-09-07

It sometimes glitches but I love this game

Posted by Kenzi Carroll 2017-09-07

Adore this game but I prefer their Starlight (flutter) game more.

Posted by Yashmia Smith 2017-09-07

I love this game...its soothing and fun... this game gives you all kinds of fair opportunities to get items you really need real money to buy. .. this is the second game I've played in my life that i would sip spend money on.. can't wait to buy stuff just to support the game and help pay the people who created it.... keep up the good work.. this comment is also for the Starlit version as well...thanks again

Posted by Manish Gaur 2017-09-07


Posted by sally zera 2017-09-07

I like it very much.

Posted by andre carl 2017-09-07

It says can't play game because I don't have any net work

Posted by Robert Khachatryan 2017-09-06


Posted by 2017-09-06

This game is not so good not so interesting but I liked it. Make the game some more interesting than now. This game is nice. Make the changes I have made. Okay!!!!

Posted by Kikay Hope 2017-09-06

I love butterfly

Posted by Jennifer Johnson 2017-09-06

Graphics are really good. Funny little bark bugs and leaf bugs pop up in random places to find. I just think its a nice game. For someone who likes peaceful slow paced game.

Nice...Posted by Amber Woodby 2017-09-06

thank you!!

Posted by Savannah Chadwell 2017-09-06

Love it! Beautiful graphics and sound effects! Calming music! Educational! Interesting! Plus, it doesn't constantly try to get you to buy stuff!

Posted by sinaj101 2017-09-06

Love this game. Shame Splash isn't near as fun. Getting ready to take Splash out.

Posted by sondra allicorn05 2017-09-06

I think maybe there could be extra stages where the caterpillars have to shed, like in real life. I think it would be a fun thing to add and something that many players would like. Still 5 stars though

Posted by 2017-09-06

This game is awesome. thanks made this game

Posted by Anita Majumder 2017-09-05

Wow that's fantastic

Posted by 2017-09-05

It is cool (:

Posted by Payal Saha 2017-09-05

I have never seen like this app in my daily day or my daily life. Really I , hate it . By the way ' Food Truck Chef is very nice than your ID Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary app.

Posted by Josephine Ruiz 2017-09-05

I won't to down load

Posted by 2017-09-05


Posted by Tab Fan 2017-09-05

Won't load, just freezes on 'game data loading complete' splash screen. Disappointed.

Posted by Cup Cake 2017-09-04

Posted by ANILKUMAR H VASWANI nosamimalakaci1 2017-09-04


Posted by Kay Drury 2017-09-04

I love it :-) its perfect.

Posted by Lyrika 2017-09-04

Love this app, I raise monarchs in real life so it really hit home. Wondering when I'll unlock them in the game. Please keep making content.

Posted by Nayana Hegde 2017-09-04

Not nice,don't install this game

Posted by Jie Ying Song 2017-09-04

Can't collect pollen, can't pass tutorial

Posted by Tami F 2017-09-04

I can't get on to the game but I wish I could

Posted by Emily Minnaar 2017-09-04

If there were 10 stars for graphics it wouldn't be enough

Posted by SansThePUNKitty 2017-09-04


Posted by Kerry fryer 2017-09-04

Won't open at all on my S8, shame seems a really nice game to play on my tablet bit want it for my phone. EDIT 04/09 : it is now working on my phone and I love it! My only bad thing to say is it takes to long to earn honeydew to clear patches because that gets expensive very quickly

Posted by Swarnendu Das 2017-09-04

This is a very good game until it pops up notification saying upgrade flower but every time I press on upgrade button nothing happens and it stays same and the notification is not going away which is quite annoying.

Posted by Carmellite Ghosh 2017-09-03

Though not played yet... I love butterflies... Will play it whatever it is..

Posted by Lela Streif 2017-09-03

Cool game

Posted by Stormy Scitern 2017-09-03

It Is very good

Posted by Cassandra Ferris 2017-09-03

I loved this game until the update. The update went to my phone instead of my kindle where I had been playing. It is too small to see. And I can't get it back on the kindle. I feel robbed. I'm very disappointed and not happy with Google.

Posted by Stephanie Searls 2017-09-03

Fluttering is a really relaxing, fun,and great game to play! If you download this game, you won't be disappointed!

Posted by Kim Schlegel-Rarey 2017-09-03

It used to be my favorite game to play but hasn't opened in two days now hope it gets fixed

Posted by Ashish Dixit 2017-09-03


Posted by Apalkonda Bantupali Paidithali Naidu 2017-09-03

Worst game in the universe . not a dog will like it . Tu gainda

Posted by Geeta Kanda 2017-09-03

It does not opens take alot of time to open . I downloaded ot forst time and was disappointed

Posted by 2017-09-02

Its too good game i like it toooooooo much

Posted by Scorpia Rose 2017-09-02

I had been playing a lot before it started crashing when I tried to open a cocoon. It makes the game nearly unplayable.

Posted by Hiranya Fernando 2017-09-02

Good game

Posted by M Ardy Permana 2017-09-02

I am very disappointed, because the connection quality is very bad, just two days to play, GT-P6200 stop playing now.

Posted by Ceirra Moore 2017-09-02

I used to have this game a few years ago when I was younger... I remember loving it and all the blue butterfly's

Posted by Shashi Bhargava 2017-09-02


Posted by Deljo Askewe 2017-09-02

This is such a good game

Posted by Taz Farah 2017-09-02


Posted by Jody Nutter 2017-09-02

Worked once.....never worked again

Posted by Chandra 2017-09-01


Posted by Kholoud shokr 2017-09-01

I learned some things about these creatures thanks to this Beautiful game

Posted by Riyajiya Chandel 2017-09-01

It is Nice when i have installed this game i think only pictures are showen when I played it real like pictures Really It is good game I loved it

Posted by Barb Propst 2017-09-01

Love the music! It is very soothing, the butterflies are lovely fluttering around. Very cute!

Posted by Nawroz Khan 2017-09-01


Posted by Riya JOY 2017-09-01

Its not working worst game

Posted by Lumeru Qyu 2017-09-01

Its great! But mine won' t open whenever I try to start it. Although even with the bugs or glitches its still a great game with relaxing music and a lot of activities to do.

Posted by 2017-08-31

Takes a lot of time to start....

Posted by Naomi Flores 2017-08-31

Help. It don't open at all

Posted by Mariam Fadel 2017-08-30

So cute!

Posted by Paula Dempsey-Lambert 2017-08-30

Cute x

Posted by moltres234 2017-08-30

Update: I am back on and playing, it works guys after that update that wouldnt load

Posted by Jessica McLaughlin 2017-08-30

I enjoyed playing until the update. Now I am unable to play as an error keeps popping up and stopping the download right before game play.

Posted by Kimberly Walker 2017-08-30

Amazing graphics! Great game for when you need something mindless, just for relaxation. This is a great wind down game! It is also very addictive, once you begin encountering more objects to add. ☺️

Posted by Arinne Aletheya 2017-08-29

I really do love this game, it's beautiful and relaxing. However, ever since the autumn event started I've been unable to play it. It starts downloading the new content and then stops, saying there's some kind of error.

Rude staffPosted by kirsty O 2017-08-29

Staff rude towards my review. This game keeps showing a download error when openin and trying to download updates please fix this

Posted by 2017-08-29

Since this new uprade it won't load up. Please fix. I restarted, uninstalled, reinstalled. Still won't liad up

Posted by Rose Rockwood 2017-08-29

The game is amazing! But I can't play it anymore because of updates, they wont download.

Posted by Tree Hugger 2017-08-29

Since the last update, the game won't open. Keeps getting stuck on update 6. (Android. Samsung A3)

Posted by Roxanne Archer 2017-08-29

Trouble with new updates as well,, it wont open... I am getting the famous oops.. cant wait to play it again if I ever will be able to, I have uninstalled re downloaded and OOPS..

Posted by Sue Bix 2017-08-29

Game frozen. New event starts and now game won't open. Forces loss?? Needs an immediate fix. Latest update has frozen the game.

Posted by Felicia Gilley 2017-08-29

I hate to leave a bad reveiw because i have played this game before and its amazing. However , i am trying to re download it and it wont open .. it keeps saying there is an error .

Posted by farhan ullah 2017-08-29

Please include more expansion spots

Posted by Nightlight 2017-08-28


Posted by Kimberly Lafferty 2017-08-28

I have loved this game since it first came out but it recently updated and now it wont let me in my game if it keeps up i am about to delete it

Posted by Susi S. 2017-08-28

Very relaxing & informative

Posted by Jadzia Forte 2017-08-28

This game was awesome....untill this new update. Every single time I try to load this game, it says it has a problem loading the update and it won't let me on.... plz fix this because me and a lot of other players have worked really hard on it. If it starts working again I'll rate it 5 stars

Posted by Abrao Leite 2017-08-28

Great game even better the starlight but here seems to be a glitch with the new update as it reaches a point in the update where it says its missing -234000% of data and fails

Posted by Mohannad Kalmanti 2017-08-28

I love this game very much Because the moth are beautiful and the game is very fun

Posted by Alexandra S 2017-08-28

Beautiful! The black loading screen was fixed with the latest update so I returned my rating to 5. It's a wonderful game that is relaxing and beautiful .

Posted by Laura Edkins 2017-08-28

Dam it !!!! Have got really far and been playing this game for years and now i cant download the updates.

Posted by David Esperilla 2017-08-28


Posted by 2017-08-27

it is awesome very good i want a more game of this flutter. com

Posted by Cheri Castaneda 2017-08-27

Love everything just gets a little boring at times.

Posted by Shawntay Pritchett 2017-08-27

The app itself is good, great information provided. Would be an even better app if 'friends' could be added from actual game participants.

Posted by Janice Stephanus 2017-08-26

Too many bugs with updated version

Posted by Echantra F. 2017-08-26

Redownloaded this game after ages. It looks great, but as soon as the actual play screen pops up, it freezes and crashes with an error message.

Posted by Angalena Housand 2017-08-25

Love playing this game. Hate that it stalls, and I have to reset my phone often.

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Care for your own stunningly beautiful rainforest and raise hundreds of butterflies through their incredible life cycle. Each butterfly is a vibrant, artistically expressive depiction of a real life species with stunning wing patterns and unique behavioral characteristics.

Players can collect endless varieties of brilliantly colored flora and fauna to attract new butterfly species. From chrysalis to caterpillar to butterfly, players foster these delicate creatures with pollen and help the rainforest thrive.

"Stunning, addictive, and beautiful game" - ***** Game Teep

Please note: All gameplay is in English.

- Collect and feed dozens of real-life butterfly species.
- Stunning environmental visuals - expand your forest with new life and color by gathering and planting special flowers to attract a diverse set of species.
- Attract butterflies from all around the world and add them to your ever-expanding “Flutterpedia”. Each species has a unique fact sheet on their characteristics and natural history.
- Participate in limited time events to collect special themed butterfly sets!
- Listen to the Rainforest in the palm of your hand - Put on your headphones to experience a real-life lush rainforest ambience and immerse yourself in a deeper experience.
- Use gestures to interact with your creatures, drop leaves into caterpillars’ mouths, crack open chrysalises, and guide your butterflies around their growing environment.
- Guide your butterflies through the forest and watch them flutter, fly, perch and play

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